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How does Dliver work for Pilots?

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  1. When you register as a DLIVER Pilot, you give us information about your vehicle and what 
type of jobs you are interested in.
  2. This data is used to filter the relevant jobs for you.

Receive a job request

  1. You will receive a notification in the DLIVER App, when there is a relevant job request.
  2. The notification will include information about the parcel, and pick up and delivery locations.
  3. Submit your price
  4. You will soon be notified if you get the job.

Start delivery

  1. When you pick up the parcel, you update the status in the App.
  2. You can message in the App with the sender and receiver.
  3. Bring the parcel.

Get paid

  1. The receiver confirms in the DLIVER App when you deliver the parcel.
  2. The agreed payment is transferred to you automatically.
  3. You can always find all transactions history in the App.


The delivery cost is set by you as the pilot when you submit your price. The parcel sender chooses who gets the job.

Dliver charges you as the pilot a match making fee of Euro 1, which will be transferred automatically when the delivery is completed.

Get more business

Before you can start taking jobs as a DLIVER pilot you will be verified by DLiver.

To become a successful parcel pilot you must offer punctuality and good service. This will lead to good ratings and many jobs.

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Features includes fleet management, central administration, tracking and support, statistics, communication with Pilots etc.
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