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How does DLIVER work for parcel senders?

Spend a few minutes to create a delivery request.
DLIVER takes care of the rest.

Request delivery

  1. Take a photo of the parcel.
  2. Write what it is.
  3. Inform pick up point and delivery destination.
  4. Tell us when to pick it up and when you want it delivered.
  5. Choose if you want to insure the parcel.

Choose Pilot

  1. You will soon receive offers from Pilots.
  2. You choose who you will use based on price, time, and ratings.

Send parcel

  1. The Pilot pick up your parcel and you get a confirmation in the DLIVER platform.
  2. Track the status of the delivery.

Pay the Pilot

  1. The receiver confirms in the DLIVER App when the parcel has been received.
  2. The authorised payment is transferred automatically.
  3. You can always find all transactions history in DLIVER platform.


The delivery cost is agreed between you and the pilot before you confirm to send the parcel. Knowing your complete cost in advance is an important part of the DLIVER experience.

DLIVER charges a match making fee of Euro 1, which is paid by the Pilot.

Safety & Insurance

All DLIVER pilots are verified by DLIVER.
You choose the Pilot based on ratings and your own preferences.
You can buy an insurance to cover for lost or damaged parcels. The insurance costs Euro 3 per parcel.
You can not travel together with the parcel. DLIVER is not a taxi company, and we do not send people or animals.

Get a company account

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Features includes fleet management, central administration, tracking and support, statistics, communication with pilots etc.
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